KJ children spending their free time

In case you wondered how children in Kiryas Joel spend their free time Saturday evenings take a look at this photo.

The photo shows “V’shenantum L’vonecho” (translated from Hebrew; You shall teach your children), a program by Kiryas Joel’s religious school system, in action. Under this program UTA students along with their parents and teachers spend Saturday evenings reviewing their past studies and preparing for the next week’s studies.

A very enthusiastic parent shared with this writer his feelings on the benefits of the program, as follows: “Through this program UTA has taken a proactive stance regarding its students’ scholastic achievements. Unlike other school systems, UTA will not wait until PTA time to tell parents that their child is not doing well in class. Instead UTA enlisted the parents’ help from the start to make sure that at PTA time they will receive a good report.” He went on to say that, “the program is also producing a side benefit of strengthening the bond between my children and me. And, from what I read, studies have shown that a strong family unit prevents many of the 21st century’s maladies.” 

Parents and students alike took to this program in such overwhelming numbers that space became a factor and UTA was forced to split the program into two shifts.

As such, the above photo, though it speaks a thousand words, only tells half the story. But you get the picture.



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