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Kiryas Joel: A Successfull Experiment

The officials of Kiryas Joel have presided over an experiment that can only be described as a miracle. Here, survivors of the Holocaust, their children and grandchildren have rebuilt a modern-day community in the spirit of the communities which were consumed in the European inferno more than a half century ago, while at the same time taking full advantage of the many opportunities this country offers.

The residents of Kiryas Joel have benefited from the guarantees inherent in our Constitution as they raise their families with age-old traditional values.

The function of the Village of Kiryas Joel has been to provide the growing census of residents with the essential modern services any local jurisdiction is expected to provide. Despite numerous obstacles along the road to self-sufficiency, Kiryas Joel has made extraordinary strides in providing a broad array of services in an efficient, professional and expeditious manner.

As Kiryas Joel marks these achievements, it owes a good deal of its success not only to its loyal and dedicated officials and staff but to the Town, County, State, and Federal governments, as well as many in the private sector that have been helpful every step of the way. This has truly been an exemplary partnership, which has made this such a successful American experiment.

On these web pages, the history of Kiryas Joel is traced as is the resume of its services. The unique demographics and characteristics of the Kiryas Joel residents is also reviewed in the hope that the reader will gain a better understanding of the unique problems that Kiryas Joel faces on a daily basis.

The reader is also invited to join in the celebration of a community that constantly strives to improve the quality of life of its residents.

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