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Commercial And Economic Development

The lifeline of every thriving community is economic development. This is especially true in Kiryas Joel with its unique population and need for special stores that cater to the Hasidic community in dress, kosher food, and housewares, to name but a few. In addition, local shopping is crucial in a community where women do not drive and where care for large numbers of small children is commonplace.

Although several home based businesses and service agencies sprinkle the village, the main activity is in the Shopping Center where more than a dozen stores, municipal and other offices serve the community. Many community-based organizations are also located in the Center.

The Shopping Center was a joint effort between public and private resources. But Kiryas Joel will require a greater investment in economic development, including manufacturing (some small scale manufacturing already takes place in the Village), to create desperately needed jobs and to stimulate the local economy.

As a first step, the State has designated areas of Kiryas Joel as an Empire Zone, which provides tax incentives for job developing businesses, such as the newly built poultry processing facility and the proposed Kiryas Joel Business Center.

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