Kiryas Joel: Toward The Future

For Kiryas Joel the future means coming to grips with the many challenges of a constantly changing community. In addition to meeting the needs of a growing population, the Village hopes to draw up plans for a number of new initiatives that go beyond its efforts to keep up with growth.

The high birth rate and large number of marriages means that at least 200 new housing units must be built each year. This growth spells concomitant expansion of the communities infrastructure, including water, sewer, roads, sidewalks, streetlights, and transportation. Similarly, Kiryas Joel faces rising demand for services for the growing number of handicapped and senior citizens. The post-war survivors are now an aging population with specific needs for services. There is also the need for additional shopping facilities.

Even as pressures mount for increased municipal services, many private initiatives are in the planning stage to help alleviate shortages.

Projects on the drawing board include a municipal park, recreational facilities, a retirement home, a womens services center, a business center, a “park and ride”, a commuter bus transfer station and a water pipeline connection to the New York City Catskill Aqueduct.

As Kiryas Joel faces the future, it is secure in the knowledge that its many friends recognize its ever-expanding needs. Some admire what Kiryas Joel has accomplished in a very short time while others stand prepared to take this unique community the next mile. Grateful for this support, Kiryas Joel looks forward to a bright future in the years ahead. It hopes that it can be part of a region of growth, prosperity and a better life for all.

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