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The Infrastructure of Kiryas Joel

The densely populated one square mile of Kiryas Joel has many unique features. Pedestrian traffic is a common sight in the Village as women do not drive, the poor do not own automobiles, and the large number of children who walk the streets. To accommodate this lifestyle, the Village is attempting to construct sidewalks throughout the jurisdiction. The municipality has also planted trees to make the already picturesque area even more beautiful and is attempting to install the necessary street lighting.

Water is a major concern of the Village, not unlike many surrounding jurisdictions. The Water Department is constantly involved in guaranteeing the supply of water to its growing population. This involves the digging of new wells, installation of meters, and servicing the tanks and filter plants.

The Village’s most ambitious project was its $15 million wastewater treatment plant. The project has brought relief to the overloaded Orange County Sewer District #1 Treatment Plant and has lessened the pollutants and improved water quality in the Ramapo River . This was the first major project to be completed under the 1996 Clean Water/Clean Air Bond Act, and has drawn numerous public officials who have praised the positive environmental effects of the project.

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