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The Development of Municipal Services

Kiryas Joel provides a broad array of daily municipal services to its citizens. The elders are committed to a high standard of quality of life and make every effort to assure that Kiryas Joel is functioning well.

Amongst the services it provides is sanitation, snow removal (sidewalk and roads), security, fire fighting, street cleaning, and highway maintenance. The Village contracts for some of these services with neighboring municipalities or other agencies, while in some cases it relies on its own personnel.

In addition, the Village provides local transportation to its residents from early morning to late in the evening. The buses cover the 8 miles of roads of the Village and also make regular trips to the Towns of Monroe and Woodbury. More than 120,000 passengers a year use the local transit system. A private bus service shuttles commuters to their jobs in Rockland County and New York City.

To provide these essential services as well as to deal with infrastructure issues, the Village collects property taxes and applies for grants for which they are eligible.

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