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The main synagogue of Kiryas Joel, built in 1975 is the largest house of worship in Orange County.


The Ezras Choilim Health Center, built in 1997 is the only full service health care facility in the Village, with thousands of patient visits annually.


The Village Office of Emergency Management and Public Safety Security booth.


The Kiryas Joel Public School was built in 2006-2007 and it serves nearly 250 students in its nationally recognized special education program.


This post graduate Rabbinical School or “Kollel” was built in 1995 and educates more then 200 students.


The Kiryas Joel Heights and Gardens apartment complexes were built in 1996
with a total of 38 2 and 3 bedroom units.


Small children in a community playground.


Children in the community are being educated the ignificance of tree planting


The village public works Department While doing their daily street cleanings.


Children in KJ outside their school building.


KJFD rapid response crew obtaining their training


KJ public works department planting trees to enrich the enviroment


Children being taught to respect nature


Greening Kiryas Joel


Kiryas Joel students during graduation march, spring 2004


KJ Ambulance Corp. Honoring NY state trooper returning from rescue mission


kj emergency center serves 2 roles as both KJFD Headquarters and Training Center. It is here were Engine 596,597 Truck 598,599 and the Command Vehicle are housed


Aishes Chayil (Womans Center) - a postpartum care center


The synagogue on Ruzhin Dr., built in 2006.


The synagogue on D. A. Weider Blvd., built in 2008.


The synagogue on Drubige Way, built in 2009.


Kiryas Joel Park and Ride built in 2010.


Village officials communicating with sidewalk engineers, at the Section 1 sidewalk project June 2011.


KJFD At there work, July 2011 putting out a car fire.


Hurricane Irene preperations by KJ Public Works Dept., and the aftermath being dealt with.


New Security Booths being delivered to Kiryas Joel.
As part of new efforts done by Kiryas Joel Public Safety to further protect the community, and keep the streets safe.


The new Security Booth installed on Nicklesburg Rd.


The new Security Booth installed on Dinev Rd.


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