Welcome to kjvoice.com, a clearinghouse for information and communication concerning the Kiryas Joel community.

Kiryas Joel is an incorporated municipality located in orange county, New York. With the click of button you will be able to learn about the history of the community and the culture of its residents. Of special interest, we have included a section for current news and opinions, useful links to media and other resources, and even the answers to your frequently asked questions.

KJ VOICE will be updated frequently to provide the latest news and views. We encourage readers to keep an open mind as they review this information and to share their comments or questions in the “Contact Us” section. We believe that the dialogue that we create here will be the first step in promoting good will and understanding between communities.

KJ VOICE was created by a group of concerned individuals who wish to assist the community in transmitting its message and dispelling the myths that surround Kiryas Joel. KJ VOICE IS NOT AFFILIATED OR ENDORSED by any governmental, political or religious institutions. The viewpoints expressed herein are solely those of the webmasters and are independent from any municipal or organizational position.


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